"I am here to help you build a bold & real you!"

"Out of the Closets and into the Streets"

"We are here & We are Queer."

"But it's okay if you look straight and you are gay"

I will help you transform yourself into a King or Queen or both.

"Gay by birth, fabulous by choice"

"My life, my rules"

"Let me help you build a real you with a touch of care.”

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The Therapy You Need for the Life You Lead

We see individuals, couples and families and at a frequency to suit you, in-person or on Zoom, Duo or Facetime

• Overcoming anxiety, panic and fear

• Imagining a better future

• Depression

• Social confidence

• Managing emotion

• Problematic desires and addictions

• Living beyond abuse

• Bereavement

• Social confidence

• Isolation

• Communication in relationships

• Engendering Hope and Positive Thinking

• Renegotiating relationships

• Relationships patterns

• Sexual Problems

• Family relationships

• Negotiating Gender Identity, transition and managing people's responses

• Parenting a young person in gender or sexuality transition

• Social phobias

• Changing Your Lifestyle